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Lv XP HD Charakter Points (CP) Bonus die Attack base Saves max. skilll
0.1  0    	1d3          20            		-            +0       according     2
0.2  350    1d3+1d2      40           		 2d6                    to           2
0.3  700    1d3+2d2      60                 4d6                    spent        3
0.4  1050   1d3+3d2      80                 6d6                    CP’s         3
0.5  1400   1d3+4d2      100                8d6                                 3
0.6  1750   1d3+5d2      120                11d6                                3
0.7  2100   1d3+6d2      140                14d6                                4
1st  2450   1d3+6d2      185                14d6                                4

A skill-level of 4 can only be gained with Class-Skills, which have to be taken (s.u.).
Beginning Skillpoints are (2+int)*4.
The 20 Skill-points on 0.1st level are virtual, because 14 points are automatically spent for the Commoner-package: Mage Attack-Base (4 CP), 2 Skill-Points (5 CP), 10 Class-Skills (5 CP).

In the Orfinlir-Setting a character receives a bonus skill on level 0.1. This feat must be a background-feat specified by the region the character comes from.

Weapons as Peasant. By spending 5 CP on a specific Skill, the Charakter is allowed to increase this Skill above his normal Limit, up to a rank equalling the corresponding attribute. These 5 points are spend for the allowance, not for raising the skill.

Skill Points to spend on skills can be taken from the initial, from charakter points, from bonuses through raised attributes or from increased Skill-Point allowance.

Disadvantage: more XP then change from Commoner Class.
Advantages: more Charakter-points to build the charakter more HP (with the possible exception of Barbarian and very seldom Fighter, Ranger and Paladin) not restricted in multiclassing through Commoner Class to get the one charakter, you imaged.