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Weapon Style

With this feat you are able to learn the skills belonging to one specified weapon style.
Prerequisits: Having found a teacher who knows at least the first Maneuver-skill of the weapon style. Proficiency in at least one weapon used in the style; the prerequisite feat; Weapon Focus with one of the weapons of the style, +1 BAB. Only characters with a BAB of at least +10 and a WIS of at least 19 may device their own style (though they would have to take this feat for the style, too).
Benefit: This feat represents your devotion to the style and your initial training. You receive the combat modifications of the style and are allowed to learn the Maneuver-skills.
Each style got a prerequisite feat, that differs from main Maneuver-group to main Maneuver-group.
Special: You may learn this feat several times, each time you learn a different weapon style. Fighter may take this feat as a bonus feat.