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Unarmored Defense Proficiency (Intermediate)

Bonus By Level
Level Bonus Level Bonus
1st +5 11th +9
2nd +6 12th +10
3rd +6 13th +10
4th +6 14th +10
5th +7 15th +11
6th +7 16th +11
7th +8 17th +12
8th +8 18th +12
9th +8 19th +12
10th +9 20th +13
Your ability to defend yourself when unarmored has further improved.
Prerequisites: Unarmored Defense Proficiency (Beginner), BAB +3
Benefits: The bonus to your character's AC granted by the beginners version of this feat is replaced with the following chart:
Special: This bonus is applied even when your character is caught flat-footed or is denied their DEX modifier to their AC. This bonus is lost when helpless, disabled, confused or stunned.

At 2nd level, a monk may select Unarmored Defense Proficiency (Intermediate) as a bonus feat, but only, if she already took Unarmored Defense Proficiency (Beginner)