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Town gossip

Prerequisite: Gather information 8 ranks or investigator feat
Benefit Once per NPC, you may ask the DM to reveal an amount of skill an NPC has in one particular skill. For example, you may ask the DM what an NPC's sense motive skill is, or what their spot skill is. Next, you roll a gather information check with a DC set to between 15-25 depending on how well associated you are with the NPC's home town. If you succeed, you have heard how well skilled the NPC is in the skill, in relative terms. Gossip is often wrong, however, so if you fail by a significant amount you may unknowingly have mistaken information. This skill does not apply for NPCs that you could not possibly have had previously heard gossip based on your travels and background.

(Created by Longarms on the WotC-Boards)

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