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Spell Focus (Element)

Prerequisites: Must be able to cast spells using the chosen element.
Benefit: You have a natural connection to a certain element and can draw upon it more effectively than other spell casters. Upon taking this feat, you must choose your elemental affinity; any spells you cast that use the element type that you have chosen receive +2 DC to saving throws to avoid their effects. This increase to save DC functions regardless of the magical schools of any spells of the appropriate elemental type. This feat does not stack with Bloodline of Fire (FRCS) or similar hereditary feats that affect spell save DC, but it does stack with Spell Focus (School).
Example: For example 'Spell Focus: Fire' would work on Flame Strike (Evocation), Flame Arrow (Conjuration), and Fire Trap (Abjuration). In short it would add a +2 to the DC of all spells of the Fire type.