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Rope Swinger

You can throw a grappling hook more quickly and take an ally along for the ride.
Prerequisite: Use Rope 8 ranks.
Benefit: You can throw a grappling hook as a move action, rather than a standard action. By taking a -10 penalty on the Use Rope check, you can alternatively throw the grappling hook as a swift action. See the "Rope Swing" rules for details on how this works.
Optionally, as a free action you can also take one adjacent and willing Medium or smaller ally along for the ride by quickly showing them how to hold onto the rope and brace against you. In this case, you must use only one hand to hold onto the rope (Climb check DC 15). For one round, your ally shares your Climb check result and your movement speed. If you fail the check and fall, your ally also falls. On the following rounds, your ally may release the rope as a free action or begin making separate Climb checks to hold onto the rope. If both of you continue to swing on the rope together in the following rounds, both of you suffer a -4 penalty on Climb checks to maintain your grip.

(Created by Veggiesama on the WotC-Boards)

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