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Hoplite Combat

Prereqs: BAB +6, Weapon Focus (spear), Weapon Specialization (spear), Shield Specialization, Active Shield Defense
Benefits: You gain access to three new combat options:
- Spear and Shield: You may use a spear as a one-handed weapon while also wearing a shield. While wearing a shield, you may set your spear against a charge as a Move action.
- Reach Attack: Using your shield to cover a motions that would otherwise leave you vulnerable, you thrust your spear at a distant foe. While wearing a shield and wielding a spear, you may make a single attack with your spear at +5 ft. range as a Standard action.
- Phalanx Ward: Used in conjunction, your spear and shield are a potent defense against charging foes. While wearing a shield and wielding a spear, you may both make an attack of opportunity and also a Reflex save to avoid the effect of a trample or overrun attack. You always get an attack of opportunity against foes who attempt to bull rush or grapple you, even if their feats normally don't allow you one.

(This Feat is stolen from Nifft on the Enworld-boards)