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Fool Spell

Prerequisite: Bluff 5, Use Magic Device 10
Benefit When a you are about to be effected by a spell that targets alignment you can attempt a UMD check (DC 30) to have the spell affect you as if your alignment was most benifical for that spell like effect. This skill can be used once per encounter, or against field effects like Forbiddance, though if an encounter occurs in the area the skill is considered already used for that encounter.
Example: An evil cleric casts Blaphsemy and Liddia is in range. However she makes the DC 30 check, so the spell treats her as Evil for purposes of affect. If the cleric has instead cast Dictum, Lidda would have been treated as Lawful by the spell.

(Created by DaidojiTaidoru on the WotC-Boards)

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