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Bardic Swordsage

You are an avid student of esoterica, whether academic, artistic, or martial.
Prerequisite: Ability to initiate 2nd-level martial maneuvers, bardic music.
Benefit: Your bard and swordsage levels stack for the purpose of determining what bardic music abilities you have access to, and how effective they are. For example, a 4th-level bard/4th-level swordsage would have access to the suggestion (DC 14 + Cha modifier) and inspire courage (+2) abilities, as if he were a 8th-level bard. (Swordsage levels do not, however, provide additional daily uses of bardic music; only bard levels do.)
Your bard and swordsage levels also stack for determining your bonus on bardic knowledge checks and your initiator level for martial maneuvers. The character described above would have bonus of 8 + his Intelligence modifier on bardic knowledge checks and an initiator level of 8th for swordsage maneuvers.

(created by Lotus Crane on the WotC-Boards)