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Speak Language

Common Languages and Their Alphabets
Language Typical Speakers Alphabet
Abyssal Demons, chaotic evil outsiders Infernal
Aquan Water-based creatures Elven
Auran Air-based creatures Draconic
Celestial Good outsiders Celestial
Common Humans, halflings, half-elves, half-orcs Common
Draconic Kobolds, troglodytes, lizardfolk, dragons Draconic
Druidic Druids (only) Druidic
Dwarven Dwarves Dwarven
Elven Elves Elven
Giant Ogres, giants Dwarven
Gnome Gnomes Dwarven
Goblin Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears Dwarven
Gnoll Gnolls Common
Halfling Halflings Common
Ignan Fire-based creatures Draconic
Infernal Devils, lawful evil outsiders Infernal
Orc Orcs Dwarven
Sylvan Dryads, brownies, leprechauns Elven
Terran Xorns and other earth-based creatures Dwarven
Undercommon Drow Elven
(Int+Cha; Special)

Not applicable.

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Only if the gm deems the situation appropriate.

The Speak Language skill doesn't work like other skills. Languages work as follows.

  • You start at 1st level knowing one or two languages (based on your race)
  • You can purchase Speak Language just like any other skill, with each point in a given language, you increase your ability to speak that language. To speak a language perfectly, you got to have 7 points in a that language. Add the average of charisma and intelligence to your rank to calculate your value.
    Like with the knowledge, craft, perform and profession skills, you have to note each language skill separatly.
    To calculate the ability of each language your character has learned follow the following guidelines:
    1. 1 point: You are able to communicate the bare necessities with the help of hands and feet. simple words are understood.
    2. 2 points: You understand about half of what is said, if it is spoken slowly
    3. 3 points: You haw, but are able to wriggle through.
    4. 4 points: Your speach is rather fluent even if not correct. You communicate easyly.
    5. 5 points: Your vocabulary and wording are good but not perfect. Each speaker of the language with a 2 or more ranks (not points) in the language will notice, that you are not a native speaker after 4d4 - his skill in minutes that you are not a native speaker.
    6. 6 points: With some words, a character with rank 5 to 7 will notice, that you are not a native speaker or an unmistakable accent can be heard
    7. 7 points: You are able to speak like a native speaker. To get to this ability, you either have to be born in this country or have lived there for a long time.

    To even speak a language, you have to spend one skill point on this language, regardless of your intelligence and charisma.

    Related language give synergy-bonuses to their relatives.
    Relations of the first degree (belong to the same language and are spoken in the same country at the same time: for example german and bavarian, oxford and aberdeen english) grant a synergy-bonus of +2 to each other if they are spoken with a rank of 5 or more. You know all languages with a relation of the first degree with at least a skill of 2 (this is the exception to the rule, that you have to take at least one rank in a language, to be able to understand it).
    Relations of the second degree (gelong to the same language-family but are spoken in different countries: for example french and spanish) grant a synergy bonus of +1 to their relatives of the second degree, if they are spoken with a rank of at least 5.

    A language can receive synergy-bonus from several language, but only from one of a relation of the first degree (for example, swedish would grant danish and norwegian, and would receive from them.)

    The ability to speak a language does not automatically grant the ability to read or write it. Talk to your gm on charakter creation, if your charakter is able to read or write. Reading and writing are not handled with skill-points.